It has been a long road to get to this place.  The final word of the first draft has been written and now it is time to move on to the next phase.  I have heard how authors invest a part of themselves in their characters.  I know understand it.  For me, I needed to feel what my characters were feeling.  If it felt disconnected, I re-wrote it, changed it, moved it, or just deleted it.

Writing is a process that I have found to be relaxing after a hard day at work.  It takes me to a place of wonder to see where my words will go as I type.  For me, it is building a story as the story unfolds at each word. Once the flow starts, I find myself writing until I force myself to stop, usually around 3:00am when I know I have to get up three hours later to go to work.

I am excited to share my vision with the world.  Courting Love is a dramatic story that includes attempted murder and relationships that endure ups and downs.  More to come soon.