Dreams realized Wednesday, Dec 30 2015 

One of my dreams was realized in 2015. I completed my first novella called Courting Love. I took the opinions of other writers into account when I edited it and then formatted it for ebook distribution befor finally uploading it for mass distribution on several ebook platforms through Smashwords.

This was a dream I had in my 20s that took nearly 30 years to realized as life had a way of deterring my path.  In addition to this accomplishment, I also walked the stage to receive my Masters degree in business management.

I encourage all who have dreams to take the bull by the horns and make them happen.  With the Internet as a tool, do your research and find a way to work on realizing your dreams.  I am proof positive that it is never too late to make it happen.

Please take a moment and share your major 2015 accomplishments. You could be an inspiration to others looking for the courage to step outside thier box and try something new.


Burning The Candle… Thursday, Oct 3 2013 

Okay, so I have had some challenges over the last few months.  I have found myself burning the candle at ends it did not know it had so I had to take a step back.  I got a little off track in my endeavors and as of this moment, I am getting back to where I was with one exception. 

The computer I was using when I wrote the first six chapters of my book has a cracked screen.  Since I have not had the money to get my files moved to a jump drive, I have started on a couple of new projects. I am still writing, but now it is a non-fiction project that I will share with the world when the time is right.  In the meantime, I have decided to work as a public relations specialist with the goal of building it to a full time gig.

I want to thank a long-time friend for helping me get my mind re-focused with his blog posts.  Angelo, you are inspiring.  I too am determined to succeed.